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Metal Roofing Contractor San Antonio

When it’s time for a new roof in San Antonio, you need options that work for your life. The metal roofing contractor you hire should have those options available to you. One option is a metal roof.

Realize that all contractors for your roofing aren’t the same. A specialist in metal roofs can help you create and install the perfect roof for your residential or commercial needs. It’s a solid choice.

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The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the sturdiest roofs you can buy. It lasts far longer than other types of materials. Here are some advantages to selecting a metal roof for your home or commercial buildings.

  • They last a long time.
  • The metal roof needs very little maintenance.
  • It stands up to wind for better that other materials.
  • A metal roof has a soothing sound during rain.
  • The designs are attractive.
  • They are environmentally friendly.

The longevity of a metal roof goes without saying. Like a brick building, it can last years past the warranty. Even with high winds and bad weather, the need for maintenance is low.

The sound during a rain shower is some of the most soothing sounds to date. It’s so soothing that people pay good money to buy rain machines for sleep. These roofs are environmentally friendly too.

Traditional asphalt shingles use petroleum fossil fuels. That’s not good. Metal roofs do no damage. Even with these advantages, there are a few things to note.

  • It does cost a bit more than some other materials.
  • Installation takes a skilled contractor, which also costs more.
  • The noise may bother some people. It makes noise during rain.

Even with the costs, the money you’ll recoup over the years makes it worth the price. These roofs last for life for many customers. You won’t need much to maintain it, either. When you hire a professional contractor, you get the best design for your needs, too.

metal roof installation in san antonio texas

Metal Roofing Panel Types

There are a few major types of metal roofs. They break down into two big categories beyond that. The exposed fasteners and the hidden ones.

Exposed fasteners attach to the building through a system that screws to the face of the metal, through to the wood or face below. The hidden ones attach with a clip, sitting under the metal. That way, the screws aren’t visible. Here’s a break-down of a few other choices.

  • The 29 gauge corrugated metal roof, known as pole barn metal, or a barn roof is a good choice.
  • The 26 gauge metal roof material appears in commercial buildings roofing.
  • Another choice is the 26 gauge nail fin, snaps on for a firmer installation.

The 29 gauge metal roof isn’t a good choice for a house or commercial building. It is best for an area without high winds. The R-panel, that’s 26 gauge as well, but it’s thicker for higher winds. This is a better choice. They attach with screws.

The snap and lock 26 gauge metal roofing options are better. They connect easily and have a groove for longevity. It doesn’t use a clip at all. It’s a standing seam, and pre-punched slots allow the piece to connect like Lego pieces. A nail attached it to the frame of the building.

Then there is the 1 3/4 snap lock standing seam metal roof panels. They are good in both residential and commercial buildings. It’s the sturdiest choice because it uses a snap lock and clip with metal steel connectors.

The screw attaches through that for a stability that stands up to high winds. Even if your area doesn’t have high winds, it’s better to have too much of a sturdy roof, than one that blows off next spring.

Mechanically seamed metal roof is a solid choice. It’s crimped together at the seams to maintain a water-tight seal. This is a popular choice for commercial construction. Most of the homes need this type of material and installation. It will last for a lifetime.

top view of metal roof installation from san antonio roofing contractor

Residential and Commercial Metal Roof Installation

Metal roof installations are either retro-fit, or installed on a new construction. When the existing roof is there in place, with the metal roof applied over the top, it removes a lot of the expense on a retro-fit project. In some situations, the only method that works for a pre-existing roof, is to remove the first one.

Then you have to apply the new metal roof on top. Local building codes can demand this method of installation. Also, leaks in the primary roof creates a situation where you must remove and replace.

Core components of a metal roof installation are important. The substrate, typically made of plywood rafters, is first attached to the frame of the house. Underlayment are normally a synthetic material used before the application of the metal roof panels.

Then they install the metal rood panels, and clamp them in place. Depending on the panels used, either a nail or screw holds it in place to secure the pieces. Trim and flashing components seal the intersections and waterproof it. Sealant and caulking covers the metal connections to further protect against the changes in weather movement that naturally happens.

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Choosing the Best Quality Metal Roofing Contractor San Antonio

You need a professional roofer for your metal roof installation. Most contractors have a site online to place an order for an estimate. Then you get an idea of what the roof will cost. Then you can get started.

Finding a good contractor means checking references and the materials they use for their work. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to check for issues with the contractor in question. There are some questions that you should ask the contractor prior to hiring them for the job.

  • Are you licensed?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What types of projects have you done?
  • Which system is your preferred metal panel for my building project?
  • What substrate is best for my choice?
  • Do you offer a warranty?
  • If I need to use that warranty, does it include everything, or just product cost?

Then you need to get a written estimate. Check the work as they install your roof too. Don’t take the word that the materials are UL label certified. They need to use certified materials for the work to last. So check it as the project goes along. While you don’t want to get in the way of the construction, you do need to check the progress.

The Metal Construction Association, formed in 1983, ensures that homeowner, and business owners, know what their selecting for their home. That way, they buy the right materials for their roofing project, and get the roof they need. Labels are on all roofing packaging. That assures the installation is using these materials. It also ensures the coating on materials are both safe, and long-lasting.

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More Choices

Beyond the size, construction method and sealants, there are various types of metals for the job. It allows a longevity and ease of maintenance. Some are absolutely necessary for the weather of your area.

Aluminum is best for ocean-side living. It won’t rust. Salt exposure is bad too. Aluminum prevents all of that nonsense. It maintains its integrity over the years of exposure to water and sea salt in the air. It’s lightweight as well. That puts less stress on your frame as well.

Copper is a good selection for the strength it offers. It’s resistant to salt, water, heat, fire, and hail. If you want the most durable metal roof out there, then copper is a good choice. It’s lightweight as well. While aluminum weighs less, it’s still light comparatively speaking.

Corrugated metal roofing is a great low-cost choice for many people. Then there are tins roofs as well. Tin is another lightweight, low-cost material to use for your metal roof. Realize that it’s not as study as the steel metal choice.

It will rust as well. Zinc metal roofs are a good selection for their durability. They last for life. The interesting thing about zinc metal roofs is the process after they get dinged.

Say you have a hail storm. Many home and business owners report that their zinc metal roofs seem to heal themselves. Somehow, the metal adapts and expands to cover the ding over the years. That means less repairs each spring. While this type of roof costs more, it’s well worth the cost over the life of your home or business.

All these points, selections, and things you need to consider, will give you a great starting place to begin. That way, you can prepare for your new roof. Find the right contractor for the job. This isn’t something that you should scrimp on.

Water damage is nothing to play around with in your home. You want a material that suits your environment, budget and look. If you have questions, you can ask your professional that you hire for the job. Contractors who install metal roofs have all the answers to those questions.

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