Your roof is the thing that keeps your house from the elements outside. It’s impossible to predict what the weather will do. That’s why your roof needs maintenance when the weather gets bad.

roofing contractor replacing sections of asphalt shingles on a roof after a storm has damaged the roof

Roof Storm Damage San Antonio TX – Storm Damage Roof Repair in San Antonio

There are a few things that require an evaluation after a storm comes your way. These things help you decide what to do next. Here are some of those things.

• You need to assess the damage.
• Contact your insurance company.
• Call a contractor to see how your roof is.
• Get the necessary repairs done.

You know what to do with the assessment. After you spot the things that look bad, list them on a piece of paper. This helps your contractor know what they need to look at.

While they will see other things, and discuss them with you, you help them by having that list ready. Add the suspected damage. It should include a list of things that you find in the yard as well.

Call your insurance company to see what they pay for the repair. You’ll need that before the contractor comes. That way, you can have it covered by the insurance.

The contractor will let you know what your roof needs. Then you have the information for the insurance company. Some insurance companies even send their own contractors, known as adjusters.

You can also repair it yourself. That’s called an out-of-pocket repair. Some people decide to do this to avoid the rise in their insurance costs, and the adjusters may not care if the roof gets repaired right.

Then have the repair done the way you like. Get your contractor’s help. Let them fix it back to what it should be.

Storm Damage Roofing Repair San Antonio TX

Learn What To Do When Your Roof Has Storm Damage

Learn more about what to do when your roof has been damaged by a storm by visiting the website for Sky Roofing Construction & Remodeling ( To have someone come out and inspect your roof after a storm, call (210) 942-9797.