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Sky Roofing Construction & Remodeling provides storm damage repair for San Antonio, TX. This blog post answers the question: what are the signs of storm damage to my roof?

Storm Damage Roof Repair San Antonio TX 04 - Best Storm Damage Roof Repair in San Antonio

Storm Damage Roof Repair San Antonio TX – Best Storm Damage Roof Repair in San Antonio

When shingles fly away, you’ll see it. That means the entire structure of the roof could need repair. You’ll want a complete inspection, instead of just a replacement of the missing shingles.

If you notice the shingles have changed colors, it usually means that granule loss has happened. If that’s the case, then you’ll need the shingles replaced. It may be hard to see without a professional inspection.

Water leaking is easy to spot. Discoloration of the ceiling and visible water are the hallmarks of this sign. Make sure to ask about the replacement of the wood in the roof where the leak happened.

If there is debris in the yard, then it’s likely that there is roof damage as well. Winds of that speed are significantly damaging. It’s also important to get a contractor there as soon as possible.

There may be rips in the roof that aren’t visible from the ground. That’s why an inspection from a professional storm repair contractor is so important. When you do repairs now, you prevent a whole new roof later.

Storm Damage Roof Repair San Antonio, TX

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