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There are many types of roofing contractors, from one-in-a-truck to large teams that can handle any job. What should you look out for when you need the best roofing contractors? Experience isn’t all that you should be concerned about.

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The best decision you can make is choosing the right roofing contractor. The roof protects your business or home as a property owner.

Integrity and communication are essential. Roofers can be highly sought after, especially in certain seasons. Unreliable contractors are common. To save money, they take on multiple projects simultaneously and hire inexperienced workers. Before long, the job is late and over-budget. There are also companies called “storm chasers”, which go into areas that have been affected by severe storms. They aren’t local contractors and won’t be there if the work isn’t done correctly. Sometimes, a project is started and the team goes on to another job for several weeks. You should discuss with your team any scheduling conflicts, delays or increased costs as soon as possible.

You can be sure that contractors are fully licensed and insured in your state. Ask about the company’s size and how it matches the project in your mind. For a large commercial project, a smaller team of talented people might be the best. However, a larger team may be more necessary. Ask them how many similar projects they have worked on. Ask for photos and references! Don’t be surprised if the estimate is too low. Contractors who are not trustworthy will attempt to cover the difference using inferior materials, pretending to be on a budget, or other shortcuts.

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