It is important to inspect metal roofing regularly in order to make sure it does its job. Metal roofers recommend that metal roofs be inspected at least once a year. However, it is possible to hire an inspector who can perform thorough inspections whenever needed. An inspection checklist is essential.

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It is important to use it to detect any potential problems before they become serious enough to cause damage that could cost thousands instead of hundreds.

The metal roofing inspection checklist includes the following:

1. Roof Structure – This section deals with the structural integrity and strength of the roof system. It includes components such as beams, support members, beams or joists that are exposed to external forces. You should inspect these parts for signs of corrosion or damage. This could lead to serious problems.

2. Exposure – This section covers essential items, but it is more concerned with maintenance issues than significant damage. These items include clearances for combustibles and ventilation. These exposure factors should always be checked, but inspections are not required during major renovations or repairs.

3. Metal Roofing Systems – Connections, seams and penetrations are the most important concern in this section. To protect from leaks and other problems, all metal roofs require regular maintenance. To ensure that they are free of rust, corrosion inhibitors should be used to inspect the connections between panels, seams and penetrations.

4. Roof Coverings – This section is vital because it covers all possible leak sources, including shingles, tiles membranes sealants and adhesives. These components need to be checked for damage and wear. Metal roofs can become exposed to moisture around holes created by fallen objects, such as branches, which could lead them not protecting against future damage.

Metal Roofing Inspection

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