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Sky Roofing Construction & Remodeling examines commercial and residential metal roofs. This blog post will discuss the importance and benefits of metal panel metal roof seam inspections.

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Metal Panel Roof Seam Inspections San Antonio TX – Metal Roof Inspections in San Antonio

Do Metal Panel Roof Seam Inspections Matter?

There are three types of metal roof seams: factory-made, hidden, and exposed.

Exposed Seams: Exposed seams create a durable seal between panels, without any obvious cross-piece. There are two types of these seams: semi-rigid or snap-lock. Snap locks are more flexible but less secure than semi-rigid making them suitable for flat roofs rather than pitched roofs. For optimal weather protection, the pans connecting to exposed seams must overlap by at least 1 inch.

Concealed Seams: Concealed seams can be used on low-slope roofs. Concealed seams are not as strong as exposed seams and are recommended only for areas with minimal or no roof movement. To prevent moisture from entering the structure, this seam needs a small vertical lip at each panel’s top and bottom to overlap.

Factory Made Seams: These seams can be used for larger structures that require seams that extend the length of metal panels. This includes valleys, hips and ridges. These seams can be made using interlocking, lapped, or double-interlocking connections. Interlocking connections allow for both the pieces to overlap and can be overlapped up until 1/3 of their length before being attached to the support structure.

Double interlocking connections require that both pieces overlap by 2/3 their total length.

To ensure they are strong enough to resist water damage, as well as other problems like rust, corrosion and rot, these seams should be checked regularly. These problems should be addressed immediately to prevent irreparable damage.

Metal Panel Roof Seam Inspections

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